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All the Preparation You Need before Going into Trial

Never go to a trial without seeking help from Action Legal Discovery Services of West Virginia, LLC. Based in Charleston, West Virginia, we offer optical character recognition, eDiscovery, and other technologies to make sure you have all the documents you need before going into court. We offer free pickup and delivery. Rates vary, so please contact us for a quote.

A Resting Gavel

Scanning and Imaging

Litigation is a taxing process. We provide a wide range of services to give you all the legal support you need to build your case. Some of these are:

Oversized Scanning & Imaging - Blowback (Bring in a CD or DVD™ & We "Blow It Back" to Paper) - Electronic Bates Labeling & Numbering - Optical Character Recognition (For Search Functionality) - Indexing, Coding, & Unitization - Load File Creation

Duplication & Copy Work

We swap information for both sides during the discovery process. All our employees sign a confidentiality agreement, so you can rest assured details about the case will remain undisclosed. Our services include:

Photocopying (Black/White & Color) - Oversized Copying -Trial Exhibit Creation - Custom Index Tab Creation & Insertion - Stock Index Tab Insertion - Binding (ACCO™, DEPO, GBC™) - Three-Hole Drilling - Media Duplication (CDs, DVDs, Flash Drives)

Electronic Discovery

If the case calls for documents in electronic format, we provide eDiscovery solutions. Our job involves forensic collection, processing, and hosted review of any platform, such as cell phones, desktop computers, and tablets. Typically, this is done early in the litigation process and involves a legal hold, so information gathered is protected and defensible. To provide our clients with more timely services, we have partnered with Modus™.